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Workshop: Teaching Life Coping Skills: The What, Why and How

Workshop: Teaching Life Coping Skills: The What, Why and How
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Teaching Life Coping Skills: The What, Why and How?

How may we define Life Coping Skills in the 21st century?
Why is it crucial that teaching Life Coping Skills becomes part of the school curriculum?
How may we teach Life Coping Skills within a Positive Educational framework?

The research project provides knowledge in order to answer these three questions. The research involves 500 10th grade students within a Danish ordinary as well as SEN educational context, 67 teachers, three youth counselors and three school managements as well as an education plan within a Positive Educational framework including teacher training and tangible strength-based educational materials, which provide 90 minutes lessons per week during a whole school year. The study was conducted using mixed methods although focusing on qualitative before and after interviews with more than 100 students, teachers, youth counselors and school managements participating in the intervention and the research.

Learn more about the What, Why and How from the participants four perspectives measured through the lens of opportunities, limitations and dilemmas linked to the experience of autonomy, competence and relatedness as well as self-efficacy.