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Workshop: "The Battle Against Boredom in Schools"

Workshop: "The Battle Against Boredom in Schools"
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Turn down the volumecontrol on boredom in schools. Turn up engagement and optimal learning! A lot of students are bored in schools. In Denmark 26 % of the students are bored so often and to such an extent, it threatens their learning, health and well-being. International research shows even higher percentages. Boredom seems to be part of the everyday life in school accepted of students, teachers and parents: “It is just the way it is”.

Boredom not only affects the students’ well-being, it affects the quality of their learning and their motivation for further education. It does not have to be this way. In traditional education, we miss the opportunities to create learning students find engaging, meaningful and applicable in other areas of life. The presenters will demonstrate how to battle boredom - and they invite you to join. Based on research and best practice of learning, engagement and boredom, the participants will be introduced to a range of ways and tools to address boredom in schools and education. The workshop is based on the book “The Battle against Boredom in Schools” (English edition released at the conference) written by the presenters and will include hands-on exercises targeting students, teachers and school environment.